Personal Injury

Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents often leave people confused, overwhelmed and with a sense of helplessness. In addition to coping with physical and emotional trauma, you must sort through the financial hardships associated with lost wages and the costs of medical treatment and recovery. You will have questions about whether you have a right of recovery and how to negotiate the legal process. Tiffany Graves Law will answer your questions and develop a focused legal strategy to pursue a recovery. We have the knowledge, experience, resources and perseverance to help you achieve results. In the event that you are ever involved in an accident, whether at work or on a public street, contact Tiffany Graves Law immediately. We will be glad to provide legal counsel and evaluation of your case for no upfront cost.  Our evaluation can help us determine the merits of your claim before proceeding with making a formal offer to favorably settle your claim.