Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence/Protective Orders in Tulsa

Domestic violence occurs when one partner in a relationship uses physical force or threat against another person. This includes physical abuse, emotional abuse, harassment through texts or social media posts, stalking behavior, or sexual assault, verbal threats against someone else’s life (including animal cruelty).  Domestic violence also includes economic deprivation by denying access to money or employment opportunities which forces the victim into dependency on the abuser.  Domestic violence may even involve issues like child custody where there may be conflict over parenting time arrangements that favor one parent over the other.

Domestic violence cases happen every day regardless of the nature of the relationship.  Same sex marriages and homosexual relationships are just as prone to domestic violence as heterosexual relationships/marriages. Arguments between spouses escalate, relationships deteriorate, and sometimes, arrests are made. Every domestic violence case is different, because no two family situations, or circumstances, are exactly alike. It’s also important to note that domestic violence charges can also be leveraged in divorce proceedings or custody battles, so we often see cases of false domestic violence allegations where there is something to be gained or lost by either party. If you have been arrested and charged with domestic violence, it’s absolutely critical to speak with an experienced attorney swiftly for the best possible outcome of your case.