January 24, 2022

Why Hiring a Divorce Attorney Is Crucial in a Child Custody Dispute

Once divorce proceedings have begun, one of the most challenging decisions is what will be best for the children. Everyone wants what is best for their kids, but it can be challenging to know what that future might look like, thereby making it difficult to know what is truly best in an unknown situation. That is why having the right family law attorney at your side is crucial for child custody agreements.

The attorneys at Tiffany Graves Law Firm have a full understanding of the custody laws in Oklahoma. Our trustworthy staff have experience with a wide variety of cases and can give honest advice to our clients. The firm can also help clients avoid commonly overlooked requirements with filings to guide them through complicated processes in hopes of ensuring the best outcome for the client and, most importantly, their children.

Help Navigate Legal Complexities to Protect the Interests of Your Family

Divorce is already a complicated process, and when children are involved, it can become even more so. Having a dedicated attorney who understands the law & can protect a client's interest is vital. An attorney can help clients navigate legal complexities to avoid unnecessary setbacks during court proceedings. Clients deserve an attorney who will make sure they get nothing less than they deserve when it comes to making a settlement agreement with their former spouse.

Divorce attorneys not only understand the law but also use their knowledge of court proceedings and negotiation tactics to negotiate their client’s position throughout the divorce proceeding.

Represent Your Interests in Court

If a client & their spouse can reach an agreement as to a custody arrangement for their children, a judge will still have to sign off on the agreement to make it legally binding. When there is not an agreement between the parents, a judge will make the decision after hearing the evidence that is presented to the Court. Situations like this are why having an attorney is essential. Every child has their own circumstances that need to be considered in a custody case. An attorney can help advocate for a child's needs and provide clients guidance and presenting evidence to the Court in the proper manner. This is a large part of advocating for a client’s position.  

Manage All Paperwork and Documentation

Whether a divorce is contested or uncontested, there will be a lot of paperwork to be managed. Ensuring that all documentation is completed correctly and filed and processed on time can help mitigate unnecessary delays along the way in efforts to help your divorce happen smoothly and speed up the timeline of settlement or trial.  

Handle All Negotiations With Professionalism

It can be challenging for a client to negotiate child custody issues with an estranged spouse. Emotions usually run high during this process, and both parties have their own interests to protect. These situations can make it challenging to maintain a professional attitude during negotiations. This is another area where having an attorney will be beneficial. Attorneys can guide both clients through negotiations professionally to ensure that parties work together and develop the best possible outcome for their families and think strategically instead of emotionally.

Reduced Stress and Peace of Mind

Clients who find the right divorce attorney often feel like a huge weight of stress has been lifted off their shoulders. Clients can instead turn their focus toward other important matters instead of worrying about the details of the divorce proceedings. Having an attorney on their side can also help clients have peace of mind knowing that someone is on their side.

Let Us Help Protect Your Interests in the Courtroom

Hiring an attorney may feel like an unnecessary expense, but it is oftentimes critical in completing the divorce process. The right divorce attorney can turn a challenging process into a smooth transition & settlement for your family or stand up for your interests should the case go to court.

If you are going through a divorce of even only considering divorce at this point, call the attorneys of Tiffany Graves Law to discuss your options.

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